Sportsmanship Statement

For more almost 30-years, the Northern Virginia Coaches League (NOVA-CL) has offered adults the opportunity to play amateur soccer for recreation, fitness and the unmistakable bond that develops between players.

The league values the safety of players, fairness in play, competition, and, governing all, respect for the game and game officials. Managers, coaches, and players are all expected to embody and enact these characteristics when they play in the league. Respect should be offered to referees, who, to the best of their abilities, are fair decision-makers on the field with respect to Laws of the Game.

By decision of the league founders, and with the approval of its existing managers, NOVA-CL has fewer formal rules and less organizational structure than most other leagues. As a result, maintenance of NOVA-CL’s culture of fun, safety, fairness, competition, and respect, requires an ongoing commitment by managers, coaches, players, and other parties involved in the league to honor and uphold the values outlined here.

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