Grey Division Rules

The following rules have been reviewed and approved by the managers of the Grey division. They do not apply for White division matches.

Underlying these rules are two key principles:  First, Grey is an non-competitive, informal division (though rivalries do exist).  Second, with single man referees assigned to NOVA-CL games, responsibility for match tenor, sportsmanship and the conduct of individual players lies with the team managers and on-field captains.

  1. In general, NOVA-CL follows FIFA rules.
  2. Each team will name one or two on-field captain(s) who will be the primary point of communication between the referee and players during the match. The captains will also assume a leadership role in maintaining his own team’s composure and that of individual players. As permitted by the game situation and flow of play, the captain(s) will obtain referee’s perspective on calls/decisions, and then convey them to his team. Conversely, if players have concerns about reckless play, or other questions about the match, the captain will convey them to the referee.
  3. In addition to the coin toss by the referee, the captains will review common friction areas such as: 1) single-man referee limitations related to offside and how the referee will address them; 2) how the referee will interpret hand ball infractions; 3) the referee’s expectations for calling out-of-bounds balls; 4) usage of underage players (Grey division only); and 5) the referee’s tolerance for dissent. Captains will then convey this info to their players prior to the start of the match.
  4. This is technically an over 30 league. If you want to play any players under 30, it is supposed to be with the assent of the other team captain in the Grey Division. Generally, kids of players are welcome in Grey Division. Friends are also welcome in Grey Division. There are no identity cards for this league. It has primarily been a men’s league, but we also encourage women to play in the Grey Division.
  5. Rules on Substitutions:  There are no substitution limits. If you have possession on a line or end out, you can substitute. If you choose to substitute, so can the other team. While this is the usual default, there is no absolute rule in our league on how substitutions are to be done.  Therefore,  the league recommends that the referee discuss substitutions with both teams prior to the start of the game.
  6. Shin guards are required by all players. FIFA rules and referee assignors require them for the protection of the players. All players should wear shin guards. Any item of clothing that might injure another player must be removed like metal neck chains or watches.  Shin guards are required for safety reasons.
  7. Any player receiving a yellow card for any reason shall be required to immediately leave the match and serve a 5-minute penalty on the sideline. The player is eligible to return to play after the penalty is served. Referees will notify the team captain and the player involved of the game time when the player can return. While the penalty is being served, teams with more than 11-players attending the match may substitute for the offending player and will not have to play a man-down. In cases when a team has only 11-players attending a match, the player must still serve the 5-minute penalty even though it may result in playing a man-down.
  8. Any player receiving a red card for any reason shall serve a minimum of a one game suspension. The suspension will be served during the next match in which his team plays, not in the next scheduled match (which may be canceled due to rain or other conditions). The manager of the team involved shall provide the referee with the player’s name for inclusion in any referee report that may be submitted to the league.
  9. Managers are required to notify the league director of any red cards for player assault. Depending upon the circumstances and severity of the incident, the player involved will serve a minimum of a 3-game suspension with longer suspensions a possibility. The player involved must meet in-person with the league director prior to returning to NOVA-CL. If the player is involved in any other player assault at any time in the future, he will be permanently banned from NOVA-CL.
  10. Managers are required to notify the league director of any red cards for referee assault. The league director will investigate all allegations of referee assault by reviewing referee reports, statements from managers of the teams involved and discussions with the player involved. If the allegation is proven true, the player involved shall serve a minimum suspension of 5-games and must meet with the league director prior to returning to NOVA-CL. Depending upon the severity of the assault, the league director shall have the discretion to ban the player involved from all NOVA-CL games. If the player is involved in any other assault at any time in the future, he will be permanently banned from NOVA-CL.
  11. The home team is listed first in the league game matrix.  The home team is responsible for scheduling the referee.  The home team provides nets, flags and all other items for the game. The guest team just shows up. Both teams and spectators are expected to conduct themselves as gentlemen (and women) and behave in a sportsmanlike fashion.
  12. To avoid the appearance of bias and to facilitate independent review of allegations of player and referee assault, all teams in NOVA-CL shall be required to use independently assigned referees listed on the league website.
  13. During inter-divisional matches, the Grey and White Divisions have agreed to split the cost of the referee 50 / 50 (even if you are the away team) so please make sure you bring the correct amount for payment to the referee by halftime of the match.

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