Our Legacy

NOVA-CL was formed more than 25-years ago to give its players the opportunity to play soccer for recreation, fitness and brotherhood. The league’s name lies in its origins when most players volunteered as youth soccer coaches. Even today, with more than 700-players on 36-teams, a significant number of NOVA-CL participants coach or volunteer in other ways within area youth soccer clubs.

As you’ll see reflected in this website, NOVA-CL has fewer formal rules and less organizational structure than other soccer leagues. We like it that way, preferring to play ball versus manage the burden and cost of heavy league administration of games and players.

Don’t mistake our cavalier philosophy though! NOVA-CL values the safety of players, fairness in play, competition, and, governing all, respect for the game and game officials. All that, plus a fast, skilled, savvy brand of soccer out on the field.

All Out Soccer. Anytime, Anywhere

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