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Play Soccer In Norther Virginia

Welcome to the official website of the Northern Virginia Coaches League, a men’s soccer league with two divisions, 36-teams, and more than 650 players based in Fairfax, Arlington, and Loudoun counties outside Washington, DC.

Here you can do everything from checking the schedule to contacting a referee assignor.  League news and information will be posted here on the home page and on the blog tab above. Stay in touch by checking back often to see the latest of what’s happening in the Coaches League!

NOVA-CL! All out soccer. Anytime. Anywhere!

Mar 25 2014

Grey Division: Goalie Safety

At the request of a manager, we’ve been asked to post on goalie safety in the non-competitive Grey Division, which is primarily for over-30 players.

Per manager approval at the annual Sportsmanship Summit, the goalie can be anyone over 18; however, there are still a lot of teams that have goalies that are over 30, several  are 40+ years old.

Hence, this reminder that the goalie is the most vulnerable player on the field. So in the course of play, all field players should give the goalie’s safety utmost consideration. This means not running the goalie over on 50/50 balls, nor crashing into the goalie on corner kicks etc.

When we all in our 20′s – it was expected to make contact with goalie in certain situations, although that contact is almost always illegal.   The issue now is that contact has significant potential to cause injuries to our goal keepers, an undesired outcome for a division where recreation, rather than wrecking balls, governs play.

Feb 28 2014

Start of Spring 2014 Delayed To March 14 Weekend

Due to a massive youth soccer tournament which has locked up almost all fields in Fairfax CO the weekend of March 7, 2014, the start of the Spring 2014 season for NOVA-CL will now take place the weekend of March 14 with a full schedule of matches planned.

Check the schedule page for the full season’s schedule, to be published no later than March 7, 2014.

Jan 11 2014

NOVA-CL White Division Seeking New Teams!

The White Division of the Northern Virginia Coaches League (NOVA-CL) is actively recruiting new teams to join the league starting in the Spring 2014 season, which commences March 7, 2014.  Below are listed the key considerations a team and its players must weigh.  Prospective new team should review them and if still interested in applying for league membership, please contact league director Steve Jarriel via email.

  1. Matches played every weekend from March 1 to November 30.
  2. Almost all matches played on Friday nights 8pm-11pm. Occasional matches played on Saturday afternoons 4pm-7pm. No weeknight games.
  3. Teams are assigned a “home” field by the league, but play away matches on fields throughout Fairfax CO, with some games in Arlington CO.
  4. Teams must meet league obligations and sportsmanship expectations, including fielding a team every week (except holiday weekends).
  5. Two team captains-managers must be named. These men are responsible for the team’s conduct and tenor during matches.
  6. Schedule is published at the league website with home team listed first.
  7. Referees are scheduled by the home team from any of three (3) league-approved assignors.
  8. Although home teams schedule the referee, the referee fee ($90-$100 cash only) is split by both teams and paid prior to the start of play of all matches.
  9. Teams must pay initial sign-up fee and ongoing seasonal registration fees ($85/season).
  10. All league and permit fees are paid by credit card only via an online registration system.
  11. New teams must submit an escrow of $250 and a deposit for referee fees of $200.  Both are subject to refund if a) a team voluntarily departs NOVA-CL; and b) has paid all of its referee fees. These escrows can be paid by cash, check or credit card.
  12. There is a minimum roster of 16-players. However, it’s best to target a roster of 20-men, each making the commitment to play at least 2 of every 3 matches.  If so, the team will average 14-players every week, the number needed to field a competitive team.
  13. The costs to run a team vary, depending on number of players, permit fees, and equipment that the team purchases.  Typically teams with 20-players pay $80-$100 per season.  That’s about $5 per game. However, we strongly encourage you to collect all fees prior to the season, not on a weekly basis.

If you would like to be apply for league membership, please contact league director Steve Jarriel via email.

Jun 11 2013

Register For Potomac Cup! Coming July 13

NOVA-CL Teams:  I’ve been contacted by the organizer of the Potomac Cup, an 8v8 tournament taking place in mid July!  I can’t vouch for the tournament, but think it’s worth a look for teams seeking some fun and a competitive challenge.  For more info call 718.433.2452 or email travel@soccerresort.com.  You can also click here.

Play Soccer Resort’s Potomac Cup July 13 @ Lake Fairfax Park in Reston, VA!

Play against teams from many leagues across DC, Maryland and Virginia as well as teams from Miami, New York and other parts of the Northeast.
What’s included:

    * 8v8 soccer against classy opposition
* Four games guaranteed
* 30 minutes per game
* Complimentary souvenir jerseys for travel teams
* Men’s, Women’s Coed and Over 30/Over 40 Divisions
* Cups for the winners and Trophies for the runners-up

Cost for local teams(MD, VA, DE and DC area) is $499 dollars for Early Bird, ends June 10 – price to increase afterwards

Nov 29 2012

Game Cancellations and Referee Payment Policy

All teams in NOVA-CL are required to schedule match referees through league approved referee assignors.  This is a reminder of the policy of the referee assignors for match cancellations.

  1. In the Grey Division, the host team is always responsible for obtaining the referee and paying their fees and the fees of their schedulers. Payment is due in full before the match begins.  In the White Division, the host team is always responsible for obtaining the referee; however, the referee’s payment is equally split between both teams on site before the match begins.
  2. If a match is cancelled because one or both teams cannot field a full squad, the referee scheduler must be notified at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled start time or the host team will be responsible for all fees as if the game were played. Please immediately notify the League Director as well so fields can be reallocated, etc.
  3. If a team cancels with less than 24 hours notice for non-weather related reasons, the host team is still responsible for paying the referee. However, if the guest team forces the cancellation it shall either pay the referee fees directly or reimburse the host team.
  4. If a game cannot be played because a host or guest team fails to cancel yet shows up with too few team members to play, that team is responsible of all referee fees.
  5. Schedulers will make exceptions for foul weather cancellations as outlined below:
    1. If you cancel more than 4 hours before the match, you will not be charged. If you cancel less than 4 hours beforehand, you may be, at the discretion of the referee scheduler. Schedulers may be dealing with many teams and referees. Referees may go from one game to another and not be reachable by phone during a game.  So schedulers need enough time to make contact with the referee.
    2. Referee schedulers require a cancellation notification by BOTH an email and a phone call. The phone call is more immediate and allows them to contact the referee and call them off and the e mail serves as a reminder of what happened and of your expectation that you will not be billed.
    3. In the event of bad weather immediately prior to or during, the match, the ultimate decision about whether to cancel, delay, or interrupt a match due to dangerous conditions shall be made by the referee who will consult with both team captains.
    4. The referee and field captains will also consult on the resumption of play. In general, 30 minutes must pass with no lightning strikes or thunder before play can resume. If a match is delayed due to lightning or heavy rain, all players must immediately vacate the field and wait in safe shelter until a final decision is made on continuing play.
  6. If a host 0r guest team is unable to complete the match because players have left the game site during a delay, that team will be responsible for the referee fees.
Couple of helpful reminders as well:
  1. Most matches have a 3-hour window to complete play.  Be patient and give severe weather time to pass.
  2. If a referee either delays a start or interrupts a match due to weather, please be supportive. Everyone, including the game official, wants to get in a match. But only one person (the referee) is responsible for player safety.
  3. If  the weather (or the forecast!) looks ominous, send a reminder email to your players letting them know that just because it’s pouring rain in one part of the county, doesn’t mean the weather is bad in other parts.
  4. A smart phone with a weather tracker/radar such as WeatherBug or Weather.com is very useful.