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Play Soccer In Norther Virginia

Welcome to the official website of the Northern Virginia Coaches League, a men’s soccer league with two divisions, 36-teams, and more than 650 players based in Fairfax, Arlington, and Loudoun counties outside Washington, DC.

Here you can do everything from checking the schedule to contacting a referee assignor.  League news and information will be posted here on the home page and on the blog tab above. Stay in touch by checking back often to see the latest of what’s happening in the Coaches League!

NOVA-CL! All out soccer. Anytime. Anywhere!

Jul 02 2015

NOVA-CL Team Playing in Finals Of 2015 World Police & Fire Games

Fairfax United, a NOVA-CL White Division team, will play for “gold” in the 2015 World Police & Fire Games. The finals take place on Friday, July 3, 9am, at Morven Park in Leesburg, VA.

  • Click here for Google Map of park location
  • Click here for image of parking and field location

Fairfax United, managed by Yousef Ashraf, joined NOVA-CL in Fall 2014 with the specific purpose of training for the Police & Fire Games, an olympics-style event featuring 12,000 professional, public safety athletes from 70 countries competing in 60+ sports to qualify for over 1,600 medal events.

Fairfax United WPFG 2015


Jun 10 2015

Play the Soccer Resort 7v7 Potomac Cup on July 11!

NOVA-CL Teams and Players! Gentlemen start your… recruiting!  Tell your teammates on your NOVA-CL  squad (and those on other teams you play with) that one of the region’s best short-sided soccer tournaments is back in town.

The Soccer Resort, an organizer of tournaments nationwide, is staging the Potomac Cup (7v7) on July 11. To see photos from last year, click here.  We invite you to join them at Lake Fairfax, as they will be working with NOVA-CL to promote the tournament — and a fun day of soccer for those that participate.

What’s included:

  • 7 v 7 play. Four (4), 30 minute games guaranteed. Plus championship playoffs.
  • Coed, Men’s, Women’s and Over 30 and Over 40 divisions
  • Soccer prizes galore and Cups and champagne for winners and trophies for runner-ups
  • Great turf fields.
  • Local team price, $499 per team (early bird price)

Soccer Resort also stages tournaments and travel at tournaments throughout the U.S. throughout the year, so check out their tournament listings if you’re interested in some serious “travel soccer.”

To learn more about the Potomac Cup 2015, call 718.433.2452 or email travel@soccerresort.com

Feb 09 2015

Soccer Ball + Golf + Scenic Course = Foot Golf!

The sport of FootGolf is taking hold in the DC region as two courses are now open in Loudoun county and booking tee-times (or, would that be kick off times?).

The sport is played on a golf course with, yes, a soccer ball with the objective of kicking it into a 21-inch diameter hole. Like golf, each hole has a par, or average score.  And though it may seem counter-intuitive for soccer players, cart rentals are an option!

Humor aside, this is a highly organized, international sport, as you can see from the video below.  Both the Lake Ridge Golf Club and General’s Ridge opened courses in 2014.  And planning is underway for the “PWC FootGolf Open” in May 2015!


Feb 09 2015

Northern VA Contractor’s Academy Taking Place in March 2015

As many NOVA-CL managers and team members own, manage – or work for — contracting companies, this upcoming educational series may be of interest. It’s being staged by theVirginia Chapter of the Associated Builders and Contractors promising “a 5-week program that is tailored to emerging small and minority-owned businesses in the construction industry. Attendees will hear from industry veterans on topics including, business development and marketing, bonding and insurance, construction contracts, safety, project management, financial operations and cost accounting, and growth in emerging businesses.

The sessions will take place starting March 3, all at the headquarters of Hitt Contracting in Falls Church.  If interested, contact the organizers at the above link.

(Note: This courtesy notification is done on behalf of a former NOVA-CL team manager. This does not imply endorsement of the event by NOVA-CL, nor is the league compensated for its informational effort).
Mar 25 2014

Grey Division: Goalie Safety

At the request of a manager, we’ve been asked to post on goalie safety in the non-competitive Grey Division, which is primarily for over-30 players.

Per manager approval at the annual Sportsmanship Summit, the goalie can be anyone over 18; however, there are still a lot of teams that have goalies that are over 30, several  are 40+ years old.

Hence, this reminder that the goalie is the most vulnerable player on the field. So in the course of play, all field players should give the goalie’s safety utmost consideration. This means not running the goalie over on 50/50 balls, nor crashing into the goalie on corner kicks etc.

When we all in our 20′s – it was expected to make contact with goalie in certain situations, although that contact is almost always illegal.   The issue now is that contact has significant potential to cause injuries to our goal keepers, an undesired outcome for a division where recreation, rather than wrecking balls, governs play.